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The domain name is an example of a "Direct Navigation" domain name. "Direct Navigation" names include product names (e.g, business category names (e.g., surnames ( and locality names ( - all names that can be intuitively +quot;guessed+quot; by internet users and are therefore likely to be memorable.

Most of these domain names were registered years ago and now change hands for large sums of money.
Why? Because they give a company a business edge over its competitors, and smart companies are beginning to realise this growing trend. These premium domain names are a bit like cherished number plates - they were free or cheap at the beginning, gradually increased in value until the top number plates eventually reached astronomical sums. Domain names will follow this trend - not just because of reasons of prestige but because of solid business and marketing reasons.

We would advise that you secure this name before your competitors do. Once a direct navigation domain name is owned by a related company it is unlikely that it will become available again. You will have lost the chance to own a memorable and unique domain name which can be used in advertising (magazines, newspapers, radio, lorries - just think of where you have seen such premium domain names) to give you a key advantage.

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