Based on the premise that if everyone in the UK (60 million+ people) contributed £1 the sum of £60m could be raised to purchase a Royal Yacht NOW.
(The official appeal is for a custom built yacht that may be ready in 3-4 years' time).

We would appreciate your views on this. If you are happy to share your views (anonymously) please fill in the "ballot" slip below.

Yacht (I would give £1 or more to buy the Queen a yacht NOW or support the official appeal if we do not reach £60m)
NOT the Yacht! (I don't like the idea of a yacht but would donate £1 or more to go to the Queen's charities instead)
Wot!!! (you've got to be kidding - not a penny!)
I am intrigued - tell me more
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I would like to help with the appeal
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